Services & Support

We assign each of our partners a single point of contact, who understands the ins and outs of your business and can provide you the coordinated services and support you need to maximize your success. As a Cloud Harmonics partner, you have access to:

 Partner Portal

The Cloud Harmonics Partner Portal gives you everything you need in one simple location. Login to:

  • Fulfill customer orders,
  • Manage credit logistics,
  • Integrate recurring software services into your workflows,
  • And much more

 Renewal Portal

The proprietary Cloud Harmonics Renewal Portal makes it easy for you to track your customers deployments, helping you stay on top of your sales cycle and uncover potential growth opportunities. Login to:

  • Receive alerts on licenses up for renewal
  • Receive alerts on EOL solutions
  • Identify potential up-sell/cross-sell opportunities
  • And much more…

 Deal Registration

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 Test Drive & Demo Opportunities

Cloud Harmonics creates opportunities for you, and even your customers, to see firsthand, exactly what these next-generation technologies and cloud services can do and how they can effectively solve real-world problems. You can take advantage of:

  • “Test Drive Days” – distinctive interactive sessions that enable attendees to build competencies and confidence in next-gen technologies and SaaS offerings. Interested in learning about a session near you? Contact us at
  • Demos – evaluation units and time in the Cloud Harmonics sandbox are available to partners who want to understand and demo capabilities to help them generate demand and drive revenue opportunities. Book a Sandbox.
  • Hands-on Labs – many of Cloud Harmonics award winning technical training includes hands-on labs. Check out the upcoming Training schedule.

 Pre-Sale Support

Identifying the solutions that are best suited to address your customers requirements is critical to ensuring their overall satisfaction. Cloud Harmonics helps you confidently present the solutions and SaaS offerings that are best for your customers, highlighting key features and interoperability considerations that will make for a smooth deployment. Pre-sales services include:

  • Major account accelerator programs
  • Technical presentations
  • Technical hands on introduction to product features
  • Pre-sales engineering
  • Evaluations and Proof of Concept support

 Post-Sale Support

Ensure you can offer your customers the high-level support and service they expect from you across vendors and product lines with Cloud Harmonics post-sales support services. Post-sales services include:

  • Technical training – to build proficiency with next-generation technologies to maximize the utility of the solutions and services and increase overall customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced deployment services – to ensure efficient installation and configuration of devices and streamlined roll out of cloud and SaaS solutions.
  • Migration services – to make the move from legacy to next-generation solutions and architectures seamless.
  • Customization, leveraging SDKs and APIs – to enable solutions to be tailored to meet specific customer needs.
  • Helps customers easily add functionality to their user interface.
  • In the case of remote access solutions, can deliver a different look and feel (branded) for end-users.
  • Automates the roll out and ongoing maintenance of security management applications.
  • Supports the creation of custom reports.


SecureDynamics offers the security services you and your customers need to make a smooth transition to next-gen security infrastructures. With SecureDynamics, you can help customers minimize any risks or expenses associated with adopting new technologies. We provide:

  • Training: teaching you and your customers, step-by-step, how to evolve legacy firewall rules into advanced user and app-based policies to realize the full potential of next-gen security solutions. For example, SecureDynamics can help partners and customers use the Palo Alto Networks Migration Tool to get their next-gen firewalls quickly up and running.
  • Services and Support: extending your resources with seasoned professionals and a proven process that ensures migrations are speedy, cost effective and successful.
    • Our unique Migrate, Monitor and Tune Process helps you migrate and validate the effectiveness of next-gen security implementations.
    • Our Migration Tool Support Program provides you access to best practice guidelines and approaches, as well as experienced migration engineers that can help you ensure your customers are getting the most out of their investments and optimizing their deployment.
  • Firescreen Tool: using SecureDynamics proprietary tool, you and your customers can quickly and easily tune firewall policies. Firescreen:
    • Quickly and simply converts rules that leverage legacy port and protocol information to rules that use next-gen users, content and application-IDs to strengthen security decision-making.
    • Supports monitoring with diligence by enabling you to monitor rules for security and performance and identify those that require optimization.
    • Identify risks for rules development to strengthen the overall security of the deployment.
    • Aligns security rules with Palo Alto Networks Application updates to ensure policies are up-to-date.