Workspot Products

VDI 2.0

All of the challenges with cost and performance of storage of legacy data center architecture has been resolved by hyper-converged appliances. The Workspot VDI solution is 10x simpler because it is cloud native and designed for hyper-converged appliances. No more brokers to deploy. Or web interface. Or load balancing. No new operational processes to manage golden images. Or app layering. In fact, you don't have to install anything to connect users to their desktops and applications. Purpose built for Cloud and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), 8x faster time to value, in as little as 60 minutes, Lowest TCO of any VDI solution, Cloud control plane reduces OpEx, HCI- 90% less space and 40-60% lower CapEx, Scale faster and infinitely, True end-user data and analytics.


Existing IT solutions to deliver, manage, and secure enterprise desktops, applications, and devices rely on employees using device that are purchased, provisioned, and managed by IT. These solutions don't transfer to an environment where the devices are increasingly employee owned, and hence not under IT control. The Workspot Workspace as a Service leverages existing infrastructure for applications and security and enables IT to rapidly deliver desktops and applications onto any device. Our solution enhances the security, compliance, and auditing capabilities of IT for applications delivered using Workspot. Finally, and most importantly, our solution is designed with the end user in mind, and will simplify their experience in accessing business applications and data on their personal devices.


Workspot Control is a single pane of glass to manage workspace. Built on a 100% cloud multi-tenant service, Workspot Control provisions desktops and applications, sets security policies, manages user profiles and access, and monitors performance in real time. As cloud service, Workspot Control scales instantly, is highly available, and always up to date. Because there is nothing to install, IT can provision production users on any device in less than 60 minutes. How? Workspot is built on a next generation Workspace as a Service architecture. Workspot's Workspace as a Service architecture separates the control and data planes and achieves for critical benefits for IT: 1. Minimizes footprint in the data center. No additional services required. 2. Increases security because corporte data flows directly between the client and the host; not the cloud. 3. Delivers best performance for users with direct connections. 4. Reduces risk with highly available cloud architecture.


Most monitoring solutions try to identify the problem after it occurs. By then, helpdesk is overwhelmed by calls. Monitoring VDI 2.0 takes a modern and proactive approach. We have instrumented the Workspot Client to collect all business activity performed inside Workspot in real-time. We track when an end user opens an application, when an end user downloads a document, when an end user previews page 6 of a document, and more. We collect this data and send it up to Workspot Control in real-time. Once the data is inside Workspot Control, it is immediately indexed and made searchable. You can search the data with keywords, by date, or use filters to narrow the data down by application name, device type, geo or network. Events data can also be uploaded to a risk management system you might already have in place, e.g., Splunk.