About Cloud Harmonics

Cloud Harmonics – The Next-Generation Distributor of Choice for Next Generation Technologies, Cybersecurity, Cloud and SaaS Solutions

Cloud Harmonics Bridges the Gaps between Technology Vendors and Channel Partners

ch-cycle-graphCloud Harmonics helps streamline sales, reduce costs and accelerate the adoption of next-generation solutions to help partners and vendors grow revenue and market share. We are redefining what it means to be a distributor, empowering partners with the personalized education, engagement and enablement services and support you need to successfully address your customers requirements with the leading high-tech, cybersecurity and cloud/SaaS offerings. As the next-generation distributor of choice, we support you through every step of the sales cycle.

We take our role as next-generation distributor very seriously, striving to provide the personalized, coordinated services that enable you to address the needs of customers with the right mix of solutions, capitalize on market opportunities, and navigate new business models associated with cloud, subscription-based services.

We help you:
  • Generate Demand through Education – Offering World-Class Training that educates partners and end-users to build awareness and expertise and ensure maximize benefits can be derived from next-generation technologies and SaaS solutions.
  • World-Class Training – educating partners and end-users to build expertise and maximize the benefits derived from next-generation technologies and SaaS solutions.
  • Create Opportunities through Engagement – Hosting unique test-drive events and making demo and sandbox resources available to accelerate adoption and uncover revenue opportunities. These interactive opportunities showcase a solutions capabilities to ensure partners and end-users see, firsthand, how these next-generation technologies and SaaS solutions can be used to solve real-world problems.
  • Close Deals through Enablement – Making it easy to conduct business, with personalized services and support that ensure you have all you need to grow profits. Unique tools, including a renewal portal that keeps track of a customers order/service status, and pre- and post- sales support and services are at the disposal of partners to help ensure customers have the highest-quality experience.

Why Technology Vendors Choose Cloud Harmonics

Technology Partners work with Cloud Harmonics to expand their reach to channel partners and, even drive awareness with those partners end users, who are looking to adopt and make the most of next generation technologies and SaaS solutions. With Cloud Harmonics, you can ensure your partners can quickly ramp on your unique technology and receive the high-touch support they need throughout the sales cycle to increase conversion and adoption. Cloud Harmonics helps you reduce your channel management costs, accelerate your time to market and grow demand and overall market share.

Why Channel Partners Choose Cloud Harmonics

Channel Partners work with Cloud Harmonics to confidently sell the next generation technologies and SaaS solutions their customers are looking for as they evolve their IT infrastructure. With Cloud Harmonics, you have access to integrated solutions from a full ecosystem of next generation vendors and the training and support that empowers you to confidently provide customers the solutions they need to best address their business requirements. Cloud Harmonics can help you increase your agility and evolve your business models to take advantage of new market opportunities, maximize customer satisfaction and drive profitability.