Why Cloud Harmonics

The Next-Generation Distributor of Choice for Next Generation Technologies

Cloud Harmonics helps streamline sales, reduce costs and accelerate
the adoption of next-generation solutions to help partners and vendors
grow revenue and market share. We are redefining what it means to be a
distributor, empowering partners with the personalized education, engagement
and enablement services and support you need to successfully address your customers
requirements with the leading high-tech, cybersecurity and cloud/SaaS offerings.
As the next-generation distributor of choice, we support you through every step of the sales cycle.

With the rapid adoption of SaaS, Cloud applications and access of applications through BYOD, it is imperative for enterprises and service providers to upgrade their next infrastructure to NG technologiesthat provide visibility based on Applications and Users and continue to evaluate and adopt best, cost-effective and scalable solutions with Private Cloud, Public or Hybrid Clouds.

Cloud Harmonics provides the ability for channel partners to deliver these next gen technology solutions to fit their customers unique business needs by building a set of Linc tools using technology partner API’s. These tools are then packaged with next gen technology vendor offerings and combined with bestpractices services built services and training to help customers drive business productivity and adoptionof next gen technology Hybrid cloud approach. This drives employee and business productivity.