Skybox Security Products

The Skybox Platform

Reduce your attack surface and contain cyberattacks fast with a cybersecurity management solution that gives you total visibility and actionable security intelligence. The Skybox Platform combines firewall and network device data with vulnerability and threat intelligence, putting security decisions in the your unique network context. Powerful security analytics reduce response time and risks, bringing firewall, vulnerability and threat management processes for complex networks under control.

Skybox Network Assurance

See your network no matter how big or complex with the Skybox network model. Use security analytics to assess proposed network changes, and verify network compliance every day with customizable reporting and metrics. With the Access Analyzer feature and our Amazon Web Services support, Network Assurance visualizes end-to-end access paths even into the cloud so the right users have the right access anywhere in your network.

Skybox Change Manager

Streamline daily firewall change management tasks with an automated workflow that speeds up all firewall change steps from planning to execution. Automated risk assessment checks each proposed change for security and compliance, and tracks a full audit trail for each change. Visualize proposed change routs in Change Manager's Network Mode to see details surrounding the change, and identify relevant firewalls and necessary actions.

Skybox Firewall Assurance

Secure and optimize your firewalls and keep rulesets clean with automated firewall rule lifecycle management. With support for nearly every enterprise firewall vendor, you can keep security gaps closed and automate continuous compliance across all firewalls at once. Firewall Assurance also performs "what-if" analysis to see into the future of your network, investigating the security and business impact of proposed changes before they go live.

Skybox Threat Manager

Consolidate threat intelligence from multiple sources in a normalized view to pinpoint your most critical risks. Harness risk-based security analytics to prioritize threats and optimize your response for your organization. Add valuable threat intelligence to your vulnerability analysis with Threat Manager data to better understand your risk.

Skybox Vulnerability Control

Check the impact of new vulnerabilities and threats without waiting for a scan. With Skybox, prioritize vulnerabilities by the risk to your network. Find vulnerability hotspots and get remediation recommendations to neutralize risk fast. Vulnerability Control's attack simulation capability visualizes attack paths and helps you focus on exploitable vulnerabilities. Synchronize vulnerability intelligence from 25 sources and multiple scanners automatically for the most accurate view of your vulnerabilities.

Skybox Horizon

Get unprecedented visibility of the attack surface, including Indicators of Exposure (IOEs). Horizon's powerful security visualization and mapping uses intelligence and insight gained from the Skybox analysis of all the layers that make up the attack surface-- including assets, network topology, weaknesses, and threats. Horizon supports executive reporting and makes it easier for operational teams to understand and discuss security risks and cyberthreats-- and strategize remediation options.